sham trial in the maldives – PHILIPPE SANDS

I have just come from chairing a churning session on the Maldives, with two fabulous, independent, courageous Maldivians: Farah Faizal, former ambassador to UK, and Ahmed Shaheed, former Foreign Minister. The Maldives is in trouble, they tell us, and the UK – and its people – need to act to safeguard fundamental human rights for all Maldivians, including former President Nasheed who is imprisoned for 13 years after a sham trial that violates all due process requirements. What to do? No boycott, they say, but choose your holiday destination with due care for places that meet ethical standards. All this on the day the new UK government temporarily shelved its commitment to repeal the Human Rights Act. Let us hope it’s a permanent shelving, we are told, so Britain can remain a world leader on human rights.