Audience at event number 20 at 392Rmeil393

On Freedom of Expression: quotes from participants on event 20 by Helen Mackreath (pics by Rayya Haddad)

Fawwaz Traboulsi speaks about freedom of expression at event 20

Fawwaz Traboulsi speaks about freedom of expression at event 20



“Those people who talk about freedom of expression do not necessarily help freedom of Expression”.

“Freedom of expression is being curtailed by oil money over our media”.

“Religion has a human function….there should be some compromise where people´s religious beliefs are protected”.

“Blasphemy has been used by the powers against only muslims”.





Hanif Kureishi at event 20

Hanif Kureishi at event


“As a writer I`m more interested in the individual – with the question of Freedom of Speech, I´m very interested in what you´re allowed to say within a family”.

“A second question of Freedom of speech is – what can you say to yourself, and what can you bear to say to yourself?”.

“The idea that a little insult is going to degrade the Catholic Church, or Islam, is laughable because those institutions are degrading to us all the time”.

“What do we do with the problem of Freedom of speech? It´s always to have more Freedom of Speech”





Helena Kennedy at event 20

Helena Kennedy at event 20


“Freedom of speech is not an absolute right, it´s a qualified right….it has to be used responsibly in certain circumstances”.

“We´ve moved in recent times to a different kind of test of Freedom of speech – that of offence rather than harm”.

“Law should be used sparingly – it should be like a good surgeon”.

“The idea of blasphemy inhibiting debate is unacceptable”.