I am, I admit, a Virgin Blogger – similar to a virgin margarita, spicy but missing a certain something. So I’ve learned two lessons since yesterday. The first I thought I’d got when I was about eleven; always read your exam paper back TWICE before handing it in. Had I done so, the nice lady from The Archers would not have found herself ‘finding a judge for the Ambridge Flower Shower’ but the flower show, of course. Another heap of rot was made of a sentence about festival director Peter Florence through missing commas.

The second lesson was realising that by entering the blogosphere I have passed through the looking glass. While a novel is read from the beginning to the end, a blog is read from end to beginning. Is that the opposite of ‘dramatic irony’? Merlin, living his life backwards, would have had the hang of it, no doubt, but it’s very confusing for a player on the virginals like me.

Today’s scribbles will be… (insert adjective)