“Everything in the world inspires me” | Salla Simukka

“Everything in the world inspires me” | Salla Simukka

Salla Simukka is an acclaimed Finnish writer, part of our Aarhus 39 selection of the best emerging writers from across Europe. Salla will be appearing at the inaugural International Children’s Literature Hay Festival Aarhus 2017  this week. Here she talks about her new story for Odyssey, our new anthology of  stories for children, inspired by journeys. 

Tell me about your story…
My story to the anthology is about how hard it is to face your first love when you don’t know if the one you love feel the same way or not. And about how you don’t want to ruin your memory of the one you love by meeting them.

Why did you pick that theme?
Because I think it’s interesting how much our experience of first love forms us and our way of seeing love.

When did you decide to become an author?
I was nine years old when I decided that I wanted to be an author when I grow up.

When did you publish your first book?
I was 21 years old, the year was 2002.

What is special about writing for children?
The special and moving thing for me as an author is the intense way children and teens love their favorite books. They live through them.  It’s a bit like the thing with your first love: you just feel it so strong.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the anthology and the Hay Festival?
It’s great! I think authors should have more contact over borders and languages because we all share the same homeland and mother tongue: literature.

Do you have a favorite spot where you write?
It varies. Sometimes I like to write at home. I like my working room, because it’s so quite and peaceful. But sometimes it’s best for me to write somewhere else.

How do you get inspired?
Everything in the world inspires me. I look at the world through writer’s eyes all the time.