Refugee Aferdita shared her moving story with the Hay audience.

Here she shares a poem that she penned in remembrance of her mother who died after Aferdita had sought asylum in the UK. Aferdita learnt English at British Red Cross English Classes in South Wales.


How many pains I have in my chest,

How many words I didn’t tell you,

How many hugs were stopped in the middle,

How many dreams failed to come true.


Oh Mom, you are missing and it’s burning my heart.

Everything is separated half-way, except pain.

Everything is finished now,

Still my tears are there!


I’m looking for you in every place,

But you are now in another world –

Without my seeing you for the last time.


I was alone crying like a kid who wants her mother,

But I couldn’t stop you from going that way.

Because you started down a road without looking back,

Without thinking of me.


You were my home, my protection,

You were my best friend,

And now I’m alone and I can’t find someone like you.

But when I think about you I feel I am not alone.


I love you, Mum, and I miss you!