Which authors from our country do you know? By Peter Stamm

Which authors from our country do you know? By Peter Stamm

Whenever I visit foreign countries, I’m afraid of one single question: Which authors from our country do you know? Very often I have to say, sorry, I don’t know any Estonian writers, I have hardly read any Chinese writers, I don’t know much about Brasilian literature, I would love to learn more about Swedish literature, but … the world is big, the time is short. Even though I think I’vre read quite a few books in my life, there are much, much more books I haven’t read. But: I know quite a bit of Colombian literature and even Colombian authors!

Through a German friend, Peter Schultze-Kraft, who lived in this country and has been a big promoter of Colombian literature in the German speaking world for decades, I had the chance to work on some translations and read many more. When I last came to Colombia in 2013 to attend the book fair in Bogota, I had a chance to meet and become friends with Tomas Gonzales and Julio Paredes, whom I had met in Europe before. This time I have met Esther Fleisacher and Dario Ruiz Gomez who have showed me around beautiful Medellin. But even before I came to Colombia myself I had a feeling to know quite a lot about this country, it’s history and it’s people through the wonderful stories of these writers who told me more than my eyes ever could have seen.

Peter Stamm will be on the following festival events:

Medellín: Miércoles 27 de enero [6] 18:30 – 19:30 Parque Explora Peter Stamm en conversación con Patricio Pron 

Cartagena: Domingo 31 de enero [63] 10:30 – 11:30 Teatro Adolfo Mejía Peter Stamm en conversación con Peter Florence

Cartagena: Domingo 31 de enero [76] 17:30 – 18:30 Teatro Adolfo Mejía Gala del libro favorito. Amalia Andrade, Pedro Badrán, Jessie Burton, Deborah Levy, Hisham Matar, Luciana Savaget, Peter Stamm y Luis Urrea en conversación con Guido Tamayo