From Brugge

A week after the winter entertainments in Hay I find myself in the town that is to chocolate what Hay is to books. Bruges/Brugge is very pretty, of course, and great for a couple of days in the company of my brilliant niece, but I’d scream with boredom if I had to live here. It could badly do with a few festivities from Wales.

There are a couple of thoughts that linger from last week, not least how nice it was to catch up again with my fellow bloggers from the summer events, Horatio Clare and Tiffany Murray: fine and much travelled writers, both. One niggle has survived too, though, and that dwells around the way the word ‘research’ is pronounced. Everytime people say ‘reesearch’ I want to throw a brick. To say it with a long ‘e’ is to suggest that one is searching again for something that one once sought but didn’t find. The word is research as in republic, implying just a search for a thing. So please, writers all and public pundits, give us the emphasis on the second syllable not the first! Hurrrmph. That’s better.